Disney~Snow White Evil Queen Snowglobe~Talking

A talking snowglobe by Disney featuring the Evil Queen Reina from the Walt Disney Classic film "Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs". This highly detailed snowglobe features the queen asking the magic mirror on the wall "Who is the fairest of them All?". Of course the response is Snow White. The mirror actually has the face of the slave of the mirror lit up in it when turned on, like a hologram. Handpainted details on the outer edges feature the Huntsman holding the box for Snow White's heart. The evil queen transformed into the old hag stirring a cauldron are also t along with a view of the dungeon with a skeleton chained to the wall. The wicked vultures are perched on a dead tree limb awaiting t chance. Atop the globe itself are a skull, open spellbook and the goblet with the poisoned potion.works . Many more details too much to list. I am sorry but i do not have the original box since it does come from my own personal collection. It is in excellent condition. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Thanks for looking and good luck!!!