Disney Sofia First Royal Prep Academy School Princess Playset Figures Accesories

Used Sofia the First Magical Royal Prep Academy Playset and Figurines.
7 people figurines including Princess Sofia. Also includes a rabbit and a pegasus.
This playset is missing some of the furniture that would come with a new playset. It is also missing the blue flag that would go on the top right hand part of the castle. However, when you buy this playset new, it only includes Sofia and the rabbit and all the other characters are sold separately. I'm selling this used playset with six extra characters and the pegasus. So while you are getting less furniture, you are getting far more people.
The Playset works and is ready to go! When you spin the purple rose at the top of the castle, the throne moves up and down to the various floors. The moving throne also lights up and says over 20 phrases. If you close the purple doors on the 2nd and 3rd floors, they will snap back open when the throne reaches those levels creating a fun effect.
The pegasus' food trough flips back and forth between straw and water. The library door has a button on it that will let it swing open. The school room chalk board also has a button to the right of it that allows it to change into a spell room. If you press the keys on the piano, a squirrel will pop out. The stairs are detachable. On the bottom floor, you can make a character dance
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