Disney Store Authentic Star Wars Darth Vader Battle-Clash Dauling Lightsaber new

~Disney Store Authentic~
Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber!
New in damaged Box
Our thrilling Darth Vader Lightsaber features a piercing red blade to tempt young Jedi over to the Dark Side. Lights, motion-sensor sounds, plus battle-clash rumble and dueling lightsaber effects bring the eternal struggle to life!
Product Details:
On/Off switch Press button to activate Bright, glowing red blade Power-activation humming sound Engage blade for battle-clash lights and sounds Motion sensor-controlled sound effects Includes instructions Ages 3+ Requires 3 AA batteries -- not included Plastic / electronics 33'' L

product shipped is similar to one pictured -- new in damaged box -- no batteries

west coast may need to pay an additional $5 shipping