Disney Theme Park Die Cast Vehicle collection 33 pieces RARE HTF REDUCED!!

Included Pieces are: 4 Piece Monorail Set (Blue)4 Piece Monorail Set (Black) Haunted Mansion Hearse Rock 'n Roller Coaster Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Doom Buggy Mr. Toads Wild Ride Kali River Rapids Fantasyland Mad Tea Party Kilimanjaro Safari Peter Pans flight Fire Truck Aladdin Magic carpet Whinnie The Pooh Backlot Studio Tours Alice in Wonderland Grand Marshall Primeval Whirl Fantasyland Dumbo Ride Triceratops spin vehicle California Screamin Roller Coaster Car Pirates of the Caribbean Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin Star Wars Parade Vehicle with R2-D2 and C-3PO Transport Bus Splash Mountain Small World Jungle Cruise A couple of the boxes are slightly damaged, but have never been opened. These are so cute! and some are very hard to find. Primeval whirl and triceratops spin I have never seen on ebay for sale. � each one is based on a Disneyworld ride or parade so can bring lots of memories if your a big Disneyworld fan and have a favorite ride. One is from Disneyland and one of there rides.Been reduced!!!