Disney Tinkerbell Porcelain Figurine, Goebel Hummel, 1959 S&N #2051

Warehouse Find;

RARE: 8-1/2" Ceramic Figurine of Walt Disney's "Tinker Bell" by Goebel, Stamped (DIS 188), Walt Disney Productions 1959, WEST GERMANY.

Tinkerbell is 8 1/2"high and her wingspan is approx. 2.25 inches wide. A quantity of the Tinker Bells (DIS 188) incised dated 1959 were imported in what remained of a limited edition firing. This one is #2051 and signed on the bottom.

Hummel is a line of ceramic figurines based on the artistic style of German nun Maria Innocentia Hummel. Alongside Spain's Lladro, it is a world renowned series of products. The Hummel figurines that Goebel is most famous for producing are uniformly "cute." The first figurines were sold in 1935, and have since become a kitsch icon. The figurines are all based on the drawings and paintings of children by sister Hummel. Though much of the art was done in the 1930s, the newer figurines have adopted a more contemporary appearance.

In addition to the figures of children (which are what most people think of as "Hummels"), there are also Hummel saints which bear no resemblance stylistically to the playful children figurines.

Sister Hummel's works were discovered by Franz Goebel after a small publisher began printing her artwork as postcards. Goebel started production of the figurines under the authorization of the Convent of
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