Wow! Topless Belle, Beauty & The Beast Card ! Rumor has it that this and the Little Mermaid cards, also listed, were banned by Disney, but were already in circulation. Dawn & Beyond Card Set from 1995, by Comic Images. This card, # 47 'The Beauty Of It All', was created for the set & hand signed by artist, and creator of Dawn, Joseph Linsner, at the New York Big Apple National Comic-Con, November 18-20, 2005. It comes with a POA (Proof Of Authenticity).

All cards are Nm/Mint unless noted.

To eliminate some concerns as to the authenticity of an autographed item, I include in most cases, what I call a POA (Proof Of Authenticity), which usually is a copy of the flyer addressed to me and the page listing the artist as a scheduled guest. While I provide certificates for some items, my experience at conventions is that, the table selling certificates is far removed from most of the artists. As a result, the signing isn't witnessed by the sellor of the certificate, so how can this be guaranteed authentic? Another source of certificates are those printed up by the sellor who guarantees authenticity!!! Just a thought not to get hung up on certificates. I have been selling signed items on ebay since December 4, 1998. I haven't had any problems with authenticity in all that time! I personally guarantee that the
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