8 Disney Wade Whimsies Dumbo,Peg , Lady, Thumper, Scamp, Jock, Trusty , Bengo AF

This auction is for a bundle of Disney whimsies all of which are at fault ! There are varying degrees of faults like dumbos trunk came off and lost so has a new model !! Thumpers feet are missing and ear broken, lady has chips and repair to feet, pegs tail has been reglued and small chip in foot, scamps head has been glued , jock has small chip to foot and head reglued in quite a few places trusty head and leg glued and Bengo has repair to face and features drawn on as he had none! Would be good for anyone wanting to start collection cheap or restoration project have listed damage I can see apart from thumper who does not stand well they display ok any questions please ask

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