Disneys Multi Action Deluxe Musical by Enesco


"Beauty and the Beast"


Multi Action Deluxe Musical

"Be Our Guest"

This Beautiful Musical with fully moveable figures is ours, and it came from a very clean smoke free home. It is in mint condition and never was used, nor placed on Display. It runs on electric by the use of a power adapter that comes with the figure. I tested the item to make sure everything moves very well, and it does.

We forgot that we had purchased it and it remained package in its original box all this time. I beleive the date of purchase was 1997.

ENESCO is know for their crafted detailed works of art. Enesco musicals are conceived and designed by recognized artists and created exclusively under their direction by master craftsmen. The leading studios and design engineers are engaged in the development of Enesco musicals to insure that the highly intricate movements operate flawlessly.

The song that plays is from Beauty and the Beast "Be Our Guest". The table revolves as Mrs. Potts, and the napkins and forks are all a spin, and son Chip moves up and down on a cherry red splash from the punch bowl. The clock moves back and forth inside of the pie while the forks move around the cake.

All of them move as the music plays the soft song "Be Our Guest". from the Disney
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