DISSTON 14in. Backsaw, , 14TPI, Excellent!

This 14 inch long Henry Disston & Sons backsaw has a cast steel back, visible logo and all its teeth. The applewood handle looks super, with a complete horn!

The deep 3.75 inches blade is straight without curves or kinks and the steel back is held tightly in place. I count 14 teeth per inch with a slight rake or offset. I mic'ed the blade thickness at .28 making it excellent for cutting tenons or even larger dovetails!

T is no rust on the blade or backer, just some dark spots as shown in the pictures. I looks to me like many of the original machining marks are visible as is much of the logo.

It is unusual to find such a great handle with no damage to the horns. "EP" did stamp their initials once on the handle, t is an incipient crack, maybe 2 inches long and not easy to see, that does not go through to anyw and some minor chips at the nuts. Otherwise, the handle is just great and very comfortable.

I have used this saw about 4 times for one set of dovetails on a box and for tenons on a cabinet. This is a very strong backsaw, very sturdy and with perfect weight. Alas, no more furniture making, so it sells!

Look carefully at the sharp pictures to see how nice this one is and decide its value to you. This could be a collectible, but I am selling it as a super great user tool. At a total
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