Dive Rite DIR Trio Computer w/ DSS bungee mount, Diverite

You are looking at a Dive Rite Trio computer. I honestly don't recall if this has ever been wet, it is in perfect condition exactly as I received it. I have a medical condition that stopped me from diving so if this has been wet it absolutely would not be more than once. I purchased a lot of new gear right before I was forced to stop diving.
What you get:
NiTek Trio w/DSS Mount and Free Cover The NiTek Trio is a three-gas Nitrox computer that is easy-to-read and easy to use:Backlit { 2.5 in | 6.4 cm } dot matrix LCD displays dive profile in a graph format Diver can enter a custom display message All three mixes are programmable from 21% Air to 99% Nitrox A deep stop feature allows for required stops at deeper depths Three user adjustable safety factor levels Digital compass integrated into the dot matrix display

Worn on the wrist or as part of an SPG console, the NiTek Trio turns on automatically upon descent and is an ideal primary or back up dive computer. Underwater, divers can switch between mixes with the push of a button. Using a modified Buhlmann ZH-L16 algorithm, the NiTek Duo can calculate decompression stop times for required stops as deep as { 90 ft | 27 m }.

This computer has a user changeable battery. The battery is a CR2032 coin battery, the most popular coin battery in the world and very widely available.
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