DIVINITY AND EXPERIENCE: THE RELIGION OF THE DINKA. BY GODFREY LIENHARDT. Oxford, England : At The Clarendon Press, 1970 [1961]. Signed & Inscribed Letter by Author. Scarce.
A solid and attractive scarce book. Signed & Inscribed Letter by the Author laid in. Published more than 45 years ago, this edition is now long out of print and hard to find.
From the dust jacket: "According to the Dinka people of the Southern Sudan, men and their divinity were originally close together. They became separated, like the earth and sky, when the first man and woman acted with human independence. Dinka religious practice follows from that separation. The various divinities of the Dinka are here described with their complex ranges of meaning and imagery, and are related to the Dinkas' own experience of the conditions of life and death. they may be interpreted, it is suggested, as images arising out of that experience. The second part of the book discusses the role of the priests, the 'masters of the fishing spear', who interested Fraser in his study of divine kingship. Sacrifices are describes and their meaning analysed, and finally the rites at the death of priests, some of whom may enter the grave alive, are examined. The book contains translations of hymns prayers and myths, which introduced the thought and belief of the Dinka

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