Division Point B&M P-4 4-6-2 #3712 1944-1953 Version HARD-TO FIND

This beautifully-rendered model represents one of Boston and Maine's ultra-modern, Lima-built Pacifics, and it is a must-have for brass collectors and B&M modelers of the postwar era. The only other P-4 ever offered in any scale was Athearn's crude plastic model of the 1960s--this is not that. Division Point, and the first-rate Boo-Rim craftsmen in Korea, have, in their rendition of this fine class of locomotives, created a genuine work of art.
The prototypes were built to haul B&M's top passenger trains athigh speeds, and regularly ran through on interline trains of theRutland, New Haven, and Maine Central. This model came as a companion piece for the soon-to-be-released East Wind train sets, but can be accurately placed at the head of just about any passenger, mail, or milk train of the 1940s and early 50s.
Division Point imported four versions, representing pre- and post-1944 versions of both the P4a and P4b subclasses. The prototype P4a's were originally built with skyline casings and other details, while the P-4b engines came new from the factory with exposed domes on the boiler top. During World War II, the P4a's were rebuilt without the casing to ease maintenance (and possibly recoup a modest amount of money on the scrap). This model represents the postwar P4a without casing, and with the line's new, multi-colored,
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