DJI Phantom Standard 3 with battery, controller, charger & case (NO CAMERA)

This comes with:
*Phantom 3 Aircraft without camera
*Remote Controller x 1
*Battery Charger x 1
*Power Cable x 1
*Intelligent Flight Battery x 1
*Propellers x 7
*Micro USB Cable x 1
I've had this drone since Christmas. I flew it maybe five or six times since I got it and one of the times I broke the camera on it. I took it out flying Line Of Sight to make sure it was OK and it did great! I am not including the broken camera. I left the mounting plate for the gimbal(which is broken) on there because I didn't have the right bit to take it off.
It comes with everything you see in the photographs. There is a gouge in the padding of the case which doesn't effect it's performance at all. The plastic coating is still on the case. I tried to take clear pictures of everything that is being sold, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

When I flew the Phantom Line Of Sight I still had the camera attached.

When I flew the Phantom Line Of Sight I still had the BROKEN camera attached. I was just informed that the drone will not fly without the cables connected to the gimbal.