DJINN DEMON NECKLACE of Wealth, Power, & Manifestation HAUNTED ACTIVE Huge

This is a very powerful item. It houses a powerful active spirit. Amazing handmade necklace. This is a huge oxidized chain and massive quartz crystal with a larimar stone. Bound to a demon (whose name will be revealed after purchase) who works hard in a keepers favor to bring many great things. He is not a malevolent demon, but rather, he works to attain the worldly riches and situations that are pleasing to him, as well as a keeper. He has a taste for the affluent lifestyle and, as such, bears a tendency to favor and draw in wealth and status. He is a psychic spirit and may choose to enter your dreams to meet with you on deeper levels, as well as to share information. He is very protective of a keeper and of the earnings he brings about, so naturally your luck will skyrocket and you and your acquired wealth will be constantly watched for safekeeping. He is capable of turning situations around to meet your needs and desires, and this is one of his favorite things to do.

Meditation and verbal communication are great ways to let him know what type of situations you would like to encounter. He will hear you and begin working to make it so. A bonding and protection spell will be included with his name, and he requires no offerings to continue his work.

Payment is due within 2 days of auctions end, no exceptions. Please keep
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