Hello Lackawanna Railroad (DL&W) enthusiasts, collectors, and Lionel 3-rail, O-scale operators . . . For your consideration – this brand new Illuminated Billboard for your O-gauge, or American Flyer S-gauge layout, promoting the "Road of Anthracite". (Please see photos loading below.)
's a neat accessory for your pike - an Illuminated Billboard promoting your favorite railroad… in this case, the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, depicting one of their popular " Upon the Road of Anthracite " ad slogans from the early 1900's. Created by Lackawanna's advertising department, Phoebe Snow was a fictional character whose white dress remained soot-free while traveling behind locomotives fueled by clean-burning anthracite coal. The billboard comes fully wired with a blinking 14 volt #258 bulb. You can power this from the accessory terminals of your transformer or a battery eliminator. This billboard looks great even without the illumination…on your layout, desk, or in the display cabinet alongside your favorite Lackawanna equipment. These billboards now come with an internal reflector installed to distribute the light over the entire image. I'm also including an 18v #1447 bulb, in case you prefer a constant-on illumination. This item was custom-designed and manufactured for use with Lionel Trains.
An optional Super Structure
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