D'Lite - Adult Pair -BLUE - General / Stage Magic Trick

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D'Lite - BLUE
- Adult Pair
Special FX / General / Parlor / Stage / Magic Trick

Mystify Audiences

Rocco's MASSIVE LITE EFFECT will Light Up You Act!

Created in 1987 by Roger Mayfarth, D'Lite was designed for stage and close-up use by the world renowned magician, ROCCO. Today, thousands of professional magicians use D'Lite to entertain audiences throughout the world. With D'Lite, You can mesmerize people by controlling a bright light at your fingertips with your seemingly bare hands, making it appear and disappear from view as often as you wish.

EFFECT: Show your hands empty, then pluck bright light out of the air, pass it from hand to pocket, pull from your ear, up your nose, etc., Make it appear and disappear at will.

IDEAS: Pretend to put one in your mouth, and pull it out of your ear. Put it back in your ear, only to be found back in your mouth ...

Hold an ice cube in your bare hands, and make it glow, at your command.
Play "catch" with a friend (make sure he's small and durable). Just kidding. "Toss" the D'Lite, not your friend.
Make a plain white napkin develop a bright glow, and no one but you knows how.
Take a drink, and pull a light out of your mouth. Was that a light
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