D'Lite - Blue Pair -Mesmerizing Magic-any ability level

Blue D'Lite (Pair)

From the makers of the D'Lite now comes the Blue D'Lite Pair!

From your bare empty hands a mysterious Blue Light appears at your fingertips and seems to appear or vanish at your command.

With this clever magical invention you will be able to mysteriously produce light to illuminate all kinds of objects such as a Blue Glowing Ice Cube, or a Blue Ice crystal!

In a darkened room the effect is unbelievable and amazing. Your audience will not be able to take their eyes off of you.

Very easy to do, you are only limited only by your imagination as to w your audiences will see you produce the light next!

You will be doing the trick 5 minutes after you open the package!

With this set your Blue magic light can jump from hand to hand in a flash! (pun intended)

To see an awesome demo, click :


You get a pair of adult sized Blue D'Lites in this auction, they should fit the average adult

We Ship Worldwide

If you want to do magic like David Blaine, Criss Angel, David Copperfield, then this is the trick for you.

This will blow your audience away . It may not make you a Houdini, but you can perform this illusion in almost any setting, stage, parlor, close up or even walk around for the strolling
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