DN Power G2 LiPo Balance Charger 1-4S w/AC Power Supply

DN Power G2 LiPo Balance Charger, includes 12VDC AC Power Supply for

charging your batteries indoors. You can charge 1 to 4 cell LiPo Batteries.

Nice charger for the beginner T-Rex 450's. I've used this for a year and a half

to charge my 3S 2200mah batteries at home. Included is a modified PC

Power Supply to power this charger at it's max rate ( may not be sutible

for larger chargers, but works great with the DN Power G2) I like this

charger because if you hook up your battery wrong or use the wrong balance

adaptor, it wont start.

Manual can be seen : /v2/Charger/G2.asp

Input Voltage DC 11V ~ 15V Working input current at max load is 6A Charge current is 0.2A~2.0A in steps of 0.2A

's what you get:

Dn Power G2 Charger.

Original Box w/manual.

Some balance adaptors.

Modified PC Switching Power Supply.

AC Cord.

Nice long fuse protected (10A) cord for using Automotive battery

to run the charger at the flying field, just pop the hood and clip on.

This unit has worked fine for me, but to be sold AS-IS