Doc Burgess Handmade Knife Engraved

Doc Burgess Knives I'm a retired physician

For this piece I used 154 CM stainless steel for the blade and 440 C stainless steel for the bolsters. The scales are of desert ironwood. Cowhide 8 ounce sheath. Using a square graver I engraved the left blade with a duck in flight.

When I was a boy I fashioned a knife from one of my father's files. That was down in southwest Missouri a long time ago. I've been making knives ever since. Later I learned to heat treat the steel to anneal it; cut, grind, engrave, harden, temper and finish it. I use just about every kind of steel (1084, 1095, O1, W2, L6, 5160, 154 CM, ATS 34, 440C, A2, D2, saw blades, damascus, including cable damascus, spring steel and files) I use wood of Arizona desert ironwood, cocobolo, walnut burl, rosewood, bocote, red tiger myrtle, osage orange, and other materials such as Micarta, antelope, mountain sheep horn, deer and elk antlers, giraffe bone, Gabon and Macassar ebony, African blackwood, water buffalo horn and cow shin bone. On occasion I use the lost-wax centrifugal method to cast sterling silver and a little gold for embellishment for my knives.

This piece is 8 5/8 inches long, and it is 5/32 inch thick at the handle. I hollow ground the blade. The blade from the tip to the forward edge of the bolster is 4 1/4 inches long.

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