DOC from Snow White. C-6 Figural Xmas LIght. Not-Work

DOC FROM SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. Figural Xmas Light. C-6. Not Working.



Unfortunately, I can not get it to light. It does not work. It is in excellent condition, considering the paint is so great except for on back. I always cut off an old socket, and twisted it, then screwed these into the socket and hung them on the boughs. They were just perfect as ornaments on the tree. I have also used them on strings in museum exhibitions where electric lights can not be used. Sorry, it does not work. But it is what it is.

These types of figural lights were manufactured in Japan between World War I and World War II. The Europeans were making lights, but the Japanese soon captured the market due to their lower prices. They were made of milk glass so that the paint would adhere to the lights when lit.

As I have stated earlier in a listing. Yes, I know it is a repeat, but I am cleaning and sorting through our “stuff.” Some just has to go so we can move more freely about the house. Plus advancing middle age. Time to downsize…

These Christmas lights are in very good shape and they are vintage, not reproductions. I guarantee that. I start all my auctions at .99 cents as it is an auction and I just never cared when I went to live auction and the auctioneer started very
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