This is the BEST Doctor Who toy ever made! This RC K-9 is big (15" long), detailed, and HE TALKS!

K-9's many sound effects are spoken by the original TV K-9 voice artist which include:

"The Master rebuilt me. My systems are much improved with new undetectable hyperlink facilities" "Confirmation of analysis" "Affirmative, master" "Master?" "Maximum defense mode" "Power supply failing" "Capacity for one shot, master

You control which one K-9 says from the remote.
You can also drive K-9 from the remote, giving him full 360 degree movement. He rolls great on hard floors, but does fine on carpet too. But the best bit is you can use the remote to extend his nose blaster and deliver the death ray sound effect. And he wiggles his ears!
Ok, so he's not a full size K-9 to match the TV prop, but he's still quite substantial as toys go (about 1/4 of the size of the real version). He's also very accurate to the real prop with a removable side panel to expose his "inner workings" including his on/off switch and test mode functio n.
Important Stuff!
This guy is in EXCELLENT condition, complete with all pieces, with only very minor marks to the paint on his corners.

He measures 15" from nose to tail, 11" floor to ears and is about 6" wide.

He comes with instructions which are also in near perfect
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