Doctor Who - Russell Hunter (Callan) - Paul Darrow - Kaldor City signed CD cover

'' Kill the humans!!!!''
You are bidding on a CD cover for the Dr. Who spin off series 'Kaldor City', set in the world featured in 'The Robots of Death'.
It is signed by RUSSELL HUNTER - a mega rare autograph - who reprises his role as Commander Uvanov.
It is also signed by other cast members:
Paul Darro w (Silurians, Timelash)
Trevor Cooper (Rev elation of the Daleks )
Scott Fred ricks (Day of the Daleks, Fend hal)
Patricia Mer rick (Auton)
David Bickerstaff (Big Finish, Power of the Daleks ReImagined)
A must for Dr. Who autograph collectors, where else will you find this again?!!!
Obtained at a 10th Planet event in Barking circa 200 3