Doctor Who 3" Titans Vinyl Figure - 9th Doctor Christopher Ecclestone in Purple

Doctor Who: Titans 50th Anniversary Series – 3”Vinyl Figures Theseare in new condition and include the box and foil (box and foil have been opened to identify randomised contents). Each box contains a mini Titan vinyl figure, approximately 3-inches tall, with moving arms and head. Some figures come with a sealed accessory which can be seen in the image. Curated by UK artist Matt Jones AKA Lunartik. THIS FIGURE IS OF CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTONE - THE 9TH DOCTOR WHO (in purple suit) .

Celebrate the 50 th Anniversary of Doctor Who and collect all eleven Doctors as well as the four chase variants – sixteen collectibles in total - all sold on separate listings.

Doctors and their rarity: 1 st Doctor: William Hartnell (2/20) 2 nd Doctor: Patrick Troughton (1/20) 3 rd Doctor: Jon Pertwee (3/40) 4 th Doctor: Tom Baker (2/20) 4 th Doctor: Rare Tom Baker with a green hat (1/40) 5 th Doctor: Peter Davison (2/20) 6 th Doctor: Colin Baker (1/20) 7 th Doctor: Silvester McCoy (1/20) 8 th Doctor: Paul McGann (1/20) 9 th Doctor: Christopher Ecclestone (2/20) 9 th Doctor: Christopher Ecclestone with purple suit (2/20) 10 th Doctor: Rare David Tennant with brown suit(1/40) 10 th Doctor: Rare David Tennant (1/40) 11 th Doctor: Matt Smith (2/20) 11 th Doctor: Rare Matt Smith (braces) (1/40) 11 th Doctor: Rare Matt Smith (fez) (1/40)


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