DOCUMENT: Vellum Indenture. 1793. Prime Minister signed. Lord Sidmouth.


Dated 16th. October 1793

Contains signature of


PRIME MINISTER 1801 - 1804

Previously Speaker of the House of Commons .


and others. (against red seals)

Two pages, handwritten, 29" x 25".

2 Revenue Stamps affixed with blue paper.

Has the word 'SIDMOUTH' written in pencil on the cover.

Henry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth , PC (30 May 1757–15 February 1844) was a British statesman . He was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1801 to 1804.

His father was a physician specialising in the treatment of mental illness. His father was one of George III's doctors and this resulted in Addington being known (in no friendly spirit) as "The Doctor". Before becoming Prime Minister he had been Speaker of the House of Commons.

He tried but failed to negotiate a lasting peace with Napoleon's France.

He was not well regarded as Prime Minister and his capabilities were summed up in the rhyme: "Pitt is to Addington as London is to Paddington". As Viscount Sidmouth, he was a very reactionary Home Secretary in the Government of the Earl of Liverpool but he was eventually persuaded to retire in favour of Sir Robert Peel.