Auction D escription

These are " UTTERLY " wonderful and very unusual!!! "NO THEY ARE NOT NEW, THEY ARE OLD AND ORIGINAL". No one can say the artist of these very unusual Novelty Style white metal slush molded bookends did not have a great sense of humor!!!!!!!!

It is my pleasure to offer this never seen Dodge Inc. animal caricature bookends treasure. The Dodge Co. Inc. started business after the end of World War II. Sometime in 1946 to 1948 business locations are shown to have been in Newark N.J and then Los Angeles , Ca. and Miami Fl. The company subject matter appeared to be protesting or at least displaying a controversial reaction to the old Art Deco period. Dodge artists including McClelland Barclay, Gladys Brown, and Abbot Schy designed their wares in a very precise and perfect display of true looks with their subjects. Only a few sets of bookends deviated from true to life designs and this Cartoonish set went to the extreme. This set reminds one of the over exaggerated technique styling shown in "Boys with Puppies" with the huge face cheeks on the boys faces, designed by McClelland Barclay and shown on page 107, plate 579 in Kuritzky's Encyclopedia of Bookends.

Dodge used five colors to finish its products those being Sunray or gold colored. Silver Plate being an oxidized sterling color. Diamond
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