Dodgers, Cubs, Braves: Sandy Koufax rookie card, Gil Hodges, Chuck Tanner & more

Found these in my childhood scrapbook from the mid fifties, 1955 season cards. All needed to be removed from the scrapbook pages, on some there is some discoloration on the back side. These are genuine original cards, and I am not a card collector, I can't classify the grade of them, please judge for yourself from the photos. 1955 season is when the Dodgers finally won it all .
No reserve price. If you win the bid and are not satisfied send them back.
Sandy Koufax rookie card, Brooklyn Dodgers
Gil Hodges, Brooklyn Dodgers
Bob Miliken, Brooklyn Dodgers
Chuck Tanner and Mel Roach and Humberto Robinson , Milwaukee Braves
Frank Baumholtz and Harry Perkowski, Chicago Cubs