DOEPKE Woolridge Earth Hauler Toy Collectible #2000

DOEPKE Woolridge Earth Hauler Toy Collectible

Woolridge used their two-wheel, rubber-tire prime mover to pull other equipment. Woolridge produced a big, rugged bottom dump trailer designed to be pulled by the same two-wheel tractor. This combination was a natural for a toy. This was the first Doepke production toy, and the brothers called it the No. 2000 Earth Hauler.

Measuring 25 inches long, the Doepke Woolridge Earth Hauler is made of hefty steel and weighs ver 10 1/2 pounds. The wheels consist of very well detailed Goodyear rubber tires mounted on sustantial steel rims. The rubber tires have an outside diameter of 4 inches.

The entire toy is painted yellow except for the black seat on the tractor. There are three orange Woolridge decals on the tractor. Two "Model Toys" decals are on the dump trailer's sides; these "Model Toys" decals are larger than those found on the later period toys.

The long bottom doors on this dump drop open by gravity. A bent wire handle is used to displace a spring steel latch. Over the years this spring steel latch has often deteriorated and broken off.


AS IS Can be used for Parts or Restoration Lever doesn't properly operate bottom door flaps Surface Rust


MFG #2000

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