Dog Team Doctor The Story Of Dr. Romig by Anderson With Alaska Eskimos in 1890s

Offered is the hardbound second edition "Dog Team Doctor The Story Of Dr. Romig" by Eva Greenslit Anderson. The book was published by The Claxton Printers, Ltd, Caldwell, Idaho, 1940. The Book measures 6 inches by 9-1/4 inches in size and contains 299 pages of text and illustrations. This book is a very interesting account of Dr. J.H. Romig, dean of Alaskan doctors who served the Alaska Eskimos in the late 1890s and the early 1900s. For more years than any other living man, he served natives and whites in Alaska. He was constantly fighting cold, storm, isolation, hunger and disease. To save the Kuskokwim villages from starvation after the annual supply boat had failed to reach them, he traveled 1000 miles through the worst elements to get the Eskimos food. He singlelandedly fought influenza and measles which killed nearly half the natives in southwestern Alaska. He also faced down alone a horde of hostile natives who blamed him for the epidemic which blotted out whole villages. He was eternally at war with crime, superstition, and ignorance. The material in the book was gleaned from the diaries, letters, lectures, and scientific papers which Dr. Romig worked on during his lifetime; through interviews with him, and through research. The book has wear to the cover at the corners and along the spine. It has a ex-libris book label pasted ... read more