Dolce Gabbana black label, shirt/sweater, runway $980

I've always tried finding the perfect upscale light (not see through) v neck sweater type to kick ass during a night time date.

It was always very difficult for various reasons - too heavy, not a V neck, material not up to par, or design was horrible.

Regardless in my travels for work to NYC and Milan, I found several amazing runway pieces that were perfect for the summer night out -

exquisite stuff, simply items you will not find ever on EBAY, or almost impossible in the stores.

I'm letting go a few select pieces due to a weight gain, my loss your incredible gain.

This item was only worn once or twice and is in excellent condition.

Here is a BLACK LABEL, Dolce & Gabbana, V neck Cashmere (70 percent) and Silk (30 percent),

super light, and super flattering V neck short sweater/shirt (classificiation up to you).

Made in Italy, of course.

What makes this item special - material Cashmere and silk - you will not find this ever on EBAY - I dont

think Ive ever seen a Dolce Gabbana article with Cashmere and Silk mix -

I purchased this at a runway show in Milan for a touch under $1,000 dollars not including taxes.

This item is listed as a large, Euro size 42 - however, it it SLIM FITTING - so if you are a large and like a tight
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