Doll Furniture DIORAMA TABLE CHAIR RUG for Sybarite Tonner Gene Ellowyne mas-pap


The collection of "Pret-A-Porter Dolls" includes an assortment of elegant fur coats, gorgeous fur jackets, beautiful fur boleros, hats, fun furs and much more for the following Tonner Dolls: Antoinette, Tyler Wentworth; Sydney Chase, Sybarite, Ellowyne or other 16" dolls.

This small "Home Decor" section of my store belongs to Sasha, my daughter.

She has imagination, she has style. She would like to become a famous decorator. And now she is beginning her astonishing career with creating beauty for your favorite dolls.

Sasha," I ask her, "how do you know exactly what pieces you need?" And she answers, “When I enter a store and look around, the pieces I need smile at me!"
We would love some pieces in our nice little store to smile at your dolls.

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Your doll will always feel special in a "Pret-A-Porter Doll" accessory.


Doll House Decor Set "Blacked Gold"
Black Rattan Chair "The peacock tail" twisted by gold Roses- Height – 12.6" (seat 5.5")" (32cm (14 cm)), Diameter – 4.7" (12 cm),
Absolutely Gorgeous Table "Wolf" - Height – 6.7" (17cm), Diameter - 5.9" (15cm).
Blanket (rug) & Pillow made from print leopard textile with sparkles – 13.8" x 13.
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