Old doll, gesso, wood ? possibly georgian

this is a strange mystery doll. I bought her on ebay because i couldnt work out what she was.

She had on an awful homemade grey dress, it was all glued on to the doll, underneath the dress was a modern homemade body, made from pink material and stuffed with bits of old jumper, this was also glued on to the doll. It was a nightmare to get off, so what you see is what is left without all the rubbish attached to it.

The head and chest measure 4 1/2 inches, i've tried to determine what she's made of, i thought she was wood with a gesso covering, but maybe she is a type of hard plaster.

She has black glass eyes, real hair wig and painted on boots, there are 2 stamps on her back, i dont recognise them at all, there are 2 holes in each shoulder that the arms would have hung on.

Thats all i can say really, any questions please ask, or any information please get in touch.