Doll Kathe Kruse 16" Display Germany

I purchased this doll along with others several years ago at an auction so I can't tell you anything about the history but will describe her to you and tell you what I think. She measures 16" from head to toe. I think she was used as a store display for Christmas, probably in the 1950s. Maybe the store sold Kathe Kruse dolls and wanted something to use in their displays. I just don't know. The head definitely appears to be a Kathe Kruse head with wonderful painted features and long flowing blonde wig. The head is like a socket head but it is attached to a weird body. The torso and legs appear to be one piece and very heavy, like a cardboard style material. The legs are real solid and have white long stockings that have been painted white along with the shoes. The stockings are like part of the leg, they are molded to the leg. The arms are on a wire rod covered with cotton to the wrist. The upper arms are cloth and the lower arms are a hard rubber material I guess as the one hand that had the hole for the candle looks to be deformed from heat. The rubber is very hard and I would not have guessed it to be rubber if it were not for the melting. The candle light still lights up when plugged in. It is an old plug and light set up so figure from the 1950s. I just can't get over how beautiful and mint the head and hair are on this item. ... read more