Doll OOAK Clay By Sentieri Fatati-Not Fairy IADR - ADSG -

Lorena Zacchetti

is proud to introduce

"Think of me"

This doll is 25"/60 cm.

She is made of mixed polymer clay.

She has 3/4 arms and 3/4 legs which are assembled on a fabric body.
She has sintetic hair and handmade glass eyes.

I use not molds !!!

The collector looking creations that look can only
make life better.
I am sure, as i am a collector too, that a creations that should inspire
confidence and beauty.
For this reason my fairies are simple and clean and so sweety!!

The material is used according to manufacturer's
instructions in order to have maximum performance.

My work is done with so much love and passion
and if you will buy my own creation
you will be satisfied.

Fairies will come into your home wity a
Birth Certificate and
they will be able tu give harmony and happy to your eyes.


hank you for looking this doll!!!!

Grazie dell’attenzione!

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Italia: Pacco Celere 1 € 16.00 (1 giorno) PaccoCelere 3 € 11.50 (3 giorni)
Europe: $30.00 (6-7 days)
U.S. / Canada / Australia: $35.00
Other Countries: please contact me for shipping options and costs


I only accept PAYPAL.
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