Dollar / bank note / money album - 24 pages - bargain

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CHEAP / BARGAIN !!!
The item you are about to purchase is a brand new bank / note / dollar album with exclusive hard cover back to back album.
It has 24 pages measuring 190 mm x 110 mm (19 cm x 11 cm) each.
It can hold up to 48 notes in the entire album.The cover of the album measure 200 mm x 120 mm (20 cm x 12 cm).
The album have 24 clear plastic pages, transparent and see through providing the best protection against water and wear and tear to the money note kept.
With this album you can display VARIOUS SIZE OF LARGE BANK NOTE IN ONE ALBUM together.
With this coin album, it makes it easier for traveling, safe keeping and ideal for collectors whom wish to take a few piece of notes for exchange or display.
This album is ideal for putting in a set of bank of specific notes together as one can be more specific in separating the types of bank notes as it do not contain too many pages in this album.
It is most suitable to junior, amateur and professional coin collectors all alike.
Please allowed 3 weeks for worldwide posting