$1 Dollar Bill VERY LOW Serial Number * STAR Note

$1 Dollar Bill VERY LOW Serial Number * STAR Note


(S/N 00000192)

This auction is for one 2003A 1 Dollar Bill * STAR note. The serial number is only 00000192! This note is circulated but has no tears or pinholes. It does have folds. It will be shipped in a top-quality BCW Currency Toploader note holder that you can use for storage or display. The photo is of the actual bill you will receive.

A star note is a United States bank note that has an asterisk (*), or star, in the serial number. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing inspects currency for printing errors prior to releasing notes into general circulation. When notes are discovered that have been printed incorrectly (such as having the serial numbers upside down, etc.) these misprinted notes (error notes) are replaced with star notes because no two bills can be produced with the same serial number. They are used to maintain a correct count of notes in a serial number run. By their nature, star notes are more rare than notes with standard serial numbers and as such are widely collected. Some of the highest prices paid for modern (post-1928) U.S. banknotes have been for star notes.

I am not a professional grader, so please take a look at the pictures to determine for yourself the note’s
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