Dollhouse Beer Items - Lot of 29 - Cans/Bottles - Schlitz, Coors, Pabst, Bud, +

Good day! Up for sale today we have small beer and liquor items for a dollhouse. Included in this lot is: four Pabst cans, four Schlitz cans, seven Beck's bottles, three Coors cans, four Budweiser cans, a Malibu bottle, molded ice with beer cans, German stein, two bottles of wine, a Budweiser box, and a small yellow can. All of these items are made of plastic (except the box) and have sticker labels (some which are missing). All of the little cans of beer have their stickers but some are a little wrinkled or worn. There are two different types of Beck's beer. One is regular and the other is Beck's Light. As you can see in pictures 6 and 7, there are a couple bottles missing stickers and one a cap. The bottle on the far left is missing the neck sticker (there's some sticker residue) and part of its cap is chipped off. The bottle in the middle is missing its main sticker. The bottle on the second from the right is missing its cap. In picture 8 you can see the Malibu bottle (which is much bigger than the Beck's bottles). It has a hole through the top, as if maybe it was an ornament of some type. It also has some color wear on its label (its printed on, there's no sticker) and around the "lid". The molded ice looks as if it was in a bucket at some point but there's no bucket included with this set. It's also missing a can of beer in ... read more