Dollhouse Miniature book RAGGEDY ANN Book 1:12 Scale 31 pages

A REAL PEEK INSIDE THE BEGINNING OF 'RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY'!! Completely hand made! This little book will be cherished by Raggedy Doll lovers the world over! Or, If you were a fan of Johnny Gruelle's books about RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY , you will love his very first story introducing the world to RAGGEDY ANN . The beginning of the book explains the circumstances Johnny Gruelle came to write these stories. Next, there is an article written by Johnny to introduce the world to his new creation. THEN, (there's more!) the complete story, in his own words, of the first RAGGEDY ANN story he ever wrote. This story is actually a true story of his daughter, Marcella, and RAGGEDY ANN . This first story was not illustrated, so I have borrowed early illustrations by Johnny to add theater to this little book, and also to give homage to Johnny's lovely artistic style. This beautiful miniature has 31 pages. Each page is antiqued to give the book a feel and look of a very old piece. The inside front and back covers are illustrated in red and white stripes reminiscent of ANN's stockings. The cover art is borrowed from one of Johnny's first published RAGGEDY ANN books. The colors are faded, and it goes well with the olden-day pages inside. The pages are outlined in gold colored ink so they have an old-golden hue from the outside of the book. All


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