Dollhouse Miniature Lot: Country General Store Case & Accessories (1/12 Scale)

This is a lot of a miniature furniture and accessories in 1/12 scale. They are a combination of handmade and manufactured pieces, and are mostly unmarked. Many pieces in the lot are unfinished wood, including: 1 Store Display Case handmade with real glass shelves and front. It is nicely made, sturdy and the shelves move easily. The wood was not originally varnished, and now the case has several small stains from stickum. The display case measures about 4.3" wide, 1.75" deep and 4.625" high. 1 handmade Shelf Display Box with Victorian trim. The long rectangular tray measures about 2.5" long, .7" wide and .5" high. 3 hollow Barrels in 2 sizes with bands routed around them. The 2 larger barrels have stave lines carved into them and some stains and ink marks. Nothing a little stain can't fix! The larger barrels measure about .375" across and 2.125" high. The smaller barrel measures about 1.25" across and 1.875" high. 1 Produce Crate divided in half, with no labels. The crate measures about 2.375" long, 1.25" wide and 1.125" high. 3 Bushel Baskets in 2 sizes. The bottom and staves are thin wood, the bands are (delicate, old) paper, and the handles are copper wire. The larger basket measures about 1.2" across and 1.125" high. The smaller baskets measure about 1" across and .75" high. 1 Bucket with metal handle and routed band lines. The ... read more