Dolls House Mini Jones Sewing Box And Machine

Dolls House Mini Jones Sewing Box And Machine Part of our extensive Packaging From Yesteryear range.
This packaging is part of our extensive "packaging from yesteryear" collection. We are currently working on extending our range of authentic wine bottle labels, can labels and boxes from 1840s - 2000. These are all reproduced from originals owned by us and are very high quality. >> Please scroll down the listing for images and measurements << Please note this item is a MINIATURE collectors item and not a full size item__________________________________________________________________ Packaging Range Information
All of our cans, tins and bottles in our yesteryears range of packaging is made from lead free white metal.
We own the original packaging for the vast majority of the labels, tins packets and boxes and try to create as authentic a reproduction as possible. We have digitally enhanced and modified all of the packaging in this range to make its best in a miniature scale.
Please note the photographs show the packaging extremely close up - in some cases the item is shown 30 times life size! Just like if you zoom into any printed item you see the dots - when viewed in your hand this is not the case. Dimensions Approx 26mm High x 38mm Wide x 23mm Deep Due to the hand made nature of these items the

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