Dolphin Candlesticks / Candle Holders - Tiffin 1928

Depression era Crystal Glass Candlesticks in the shape of dolphins made circa 1928 by Tiffin/U.S. Glass. The Candlesticks were originally made for use as a lamp base, as evidenced by the scales on the base of the candlesticks, but serve the purpose as a candlestick or candleholder very well. The Candlesticks stand 8 1/2" tall and are 3 3/4" in diameter at the base. The dolphins are wonderfully detailed with scales, eyes, mouths and striations on the tails and fins. The base, as mentioned above, has scales around the diameter and ripples on the top to make it appear like water. The Candlesticks are in great condition with no chips, cracks, flaking or scratches.