DOLPHIN OLBIAN Olbia BRONZE ancient Greek Money coin #MB 123

1 DOLPHIN OLBIAN Olbia BRONZE ancient Greek Money coin #MB 123 . Over 2200 years ago. 100% original and authentic coin !

Olbian dolphins were made approximately from the 5th to first centuries BC. , were found on settlements found around Olvia, ( OLBIA )

it is Greek colony in what is now the southern part of Mykolaiv region on Ukraine was found
on the Bug Liman's right bank.Nowadays the archaeologists find new testimonies of the high level of Olivian (Olbian) culture. Presently there are about 180 settlements found around Olvia.(OLBIA) In the times of ancient Rome and Greece fish from those places was a highly valued product. It had been delivered salty and baked mostly in amphorae and baskets. At present time trade, administrative, sport constructions are found including the unique water supply system.. The temples and sanctuaries were of great importance in Olvia. The ancient city had its own calendar and alphabet. The art of Olvia is a testimony of high cultural level of that times: wonderful statues and pictures on different subjects. Since 2002 Olvia has obtained the status of the National Park. . I will combine shipments of multiple items by request.
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