Domestic dog pit bull skull taxidermy

This is a domestic dog skull (from a pit bull, this has the "classic" head shape of the breed) that has some serious cranium damage as well as some damage to one of the zygomatic arches. However, the teeth and nasal bones on this one are absolutely perfect, so if you're a stickler for skulls with perfect teeth or are more interested in dentition (as I am) then this is the dog skull for you. You could also probably repair some of the damage with epoxy putty if you wanted to. T is also some mild staining in places, though they will probably fade even more after the skull has been dry for several days (I took it out of the whitening solution just a day or so ago and it's been really humid lately). This would make a great skull for craft or educational use. You can also see the extreme thickness of the bony part of the skull that forms the sagittal crest on top of the head (w the damaged part is that forms sort of a cross-section) that gives the pit bull and similar breeds such heavy, powerful heads and jaws. The skull measures 7" (18cm) long X about 4.5" (11.5cm) wide, estimating the width due to the missing bone. Speaking of the teeth, most of them were loose and had fallen out in the cleaning process and then I glued them back in with water-based glue, so if you want to remove them from the skull you could soak the whole thing in ... read more