HULA MOONS. WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY DON BLANDING . New York : Dod , Mead & Company, 1931 [1930]. Scarce.
A solid and attractive scarce book. Published 85 years ago, this edition is now long out of print and hard to find.
From the Preface: "Another South Seas boo? Another southern exposure? Another beach comber babbling of breezes blowing through a grass skirt? No. In this book, "Hula Moons," I am attempting to answer questions that I hear constantly: "Is the glamor gone from Hawaii? Has progress spoiled the charm of the ISlands?" Certainly, the grass house is gone, or, at least, has a corrugated iron roof; but the spirit of the grass of house lingers on. The blues of the Hawaiian sea and the blues of jazz bands blend of Waikiki. The sea is not less blue because of that. The sloe-eyed Polynesian girl wears silk stockings. Since when has the sheen of silk spoiled the line of a pretty ankle? There is daylight saving in Honolulu, but, there is also moonlight wasting. The visitor may swim in the haunted waters of the sAcred Falls and, within the hour, bathe in a tiled bath at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. The Lotos Land Hawaii of Stevenson, London and Stoddard is changed rather than gone. But, how many people of the modern world, involved in the thousand activities of living, have time for more than a hasty nibble at the fruit

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