Don Featherstone White Flamingos Snomingos Rare Pair

This auction is for an extremely rare pair of brand new original Don Featherstone Snowmingos from the Union Products factory in Leominster, MA. Due to increased production costs, factory operations were ceased on November 1, 2006. These original Don Featherstone Snowmingos are no longer being produced and are becoming increasingly collectible.

Accept no substitute or knockoff. These are the real deal! Check the signature and manufacturing information on the side of the flamingos.

As you can see from the pictures, the pair of flamingos consists of one feeding and one on lookout. This auction is for a new in box pair, not the opened box shown in the pictures.

Flamingos are shipped in the brown box that they arrived in from Union Products, as seen in the pictures. T is no "retail" box.

Please check my feedback (specifically the recent feedback from very happy owners of new flamingos) and bid confidently!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.