Don Wayne Floating Microphone stage illusion magic RARE

A classic you just can't get any more...
Dancing Microphone Stand - by Don Wayne
This hugely impressive and highly desirable effect has been hard to get hold of for a very long time. We have a spare one that we're now releasing so that someone else can have the joy of performing this fun (and very amazing) mini illusion.
After realizing his assistant is missing the magician decides to "improvise" and dresses his Mic stand (that has been used throughout the performance) as an assistant complete with wig and glasses. It's then balanced horizontally on the backs of two chairs as the magician drapes an attractive red cloth over the Stand leaving the Mic Clip and the Base uncovered. The chairs are then removed and the Mic Stand remains suspended in mid-air. It begins to float back and forth and even revolves around and floats in front of the cloth under the magicians control at all times. It floats back to the horizontal position and the magician uncovers it to show that it is just an ordinary Mic Stand. As a clever finale, both Mic and magician take a bow (Mic Clip with Mic in it tilts up and down as if taking a bow, under the magicians complete control).
This is a very clever prop that can be made into a substantial comedy routine. Comes complete with the Mic Stand (comes apart for travel), cloth, video tape instructions,
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