DONALD DUCK Cover ART Pat Block Published Gladstone

This weeks offering features a lovely final preliminary watercolored cover drawing by Walt Disney comic book artist Pat Block, that wound up running as the cover to WALT DISNEY'S COMICS & STORIES #619, Decemeber 1997.This is the final art, before the cover was inked. It pretty closely matches the inked cover, except for some extra ants on the final inked cover. This is drawn in blue pencil and graphite, and is also watercolored. It is a nice sized image, on heavy weight, high quality French watercolor paper. This measures 10 1/2" by 14". It is signed by the artist Pat Block, and has the title of the story it ran with, the featured ten page Donald Duck/Junior Woodchuck tale "Queen of the Ant Farm", written at the top of the piece.See my photos, which shows also the published book, and the final inked artwork. A copy of the published Gladstone comic is included in this auction, signed by artist Pat Block with a small sketch. A really nice original production piece of art, a cover image, by a popular Disney comic book artist. This is NOT a print or copy, but ORIGINAL ARTWORK. A mere 5.00$ shipping anyw in the USA, and 20.00$ shipping elsew on the globe. Good luck, and thanks for those bids!