Donald Duck COVER ARTWORK Huge Watercolor Pat Block

's a rare opportunity for fans of the work of Walt Disney comic book artist Pat Block. Pat and Shelly Block's large, solvable, interactive 33 page Donald Duck detective mystery story, "The Case of the Missing Mummy" can be ordered right now online at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, online Target and Walmart, and through your local comic book store too. Go ahead and look it up! is your one and only chance to bid on a huge, finished, inked and beautifully watercolored ORIGINAL COVER for this unique one shot book!This was an alternate cover idea that isnt being used as the front cover for the book. The one actually used for the issue has only a silhouette of the nasty mummy. This cover image sports a much larger and more prominent Donald, and is a knockout example of Block's drawing! The artist added a HAND DRAWN title onto the piece, so that one gets the feel of it being a cover image. Check out the great details and subtle coloring on the mummy's case! This is a MASSIVE original, painted on super high end, very heavy 300# Strathmore 500 series watercolor paper. The colors are vibrant and rich. (The photos of the background look sort of blackish purple on my computer behind the real person it's a rich and royal dark red purple and much prettier). This is a really eyecatching piece, with a huge 12" Donald, (not even counting ... read more