Donald Duck Police Kemper-Thomas Tile Therm Plaque 1940

This is a lovely vintage Disney item from the 1940's. It was Manufactured by The Kemper-Thomas Company, Cin. O. It is Item No. 1831 from a series of eight different designs. The paper back states that it is a Thermo Plaque and was designed by Walt Disney.

Donald Duck is in his blue police uniform with a bow tie and big gold star badge. He is directing traffic with a pole sign that says Go and Stop. He has a big smile on his face and he is holding up his finger. In the background is a sidewalk and fire hydrant.

The paper backing announces the Thermo Plaques in this series that include:

No. 1830 - Mickey Mouse

No. 1831 - Donald Duck

No. 1832 - Pluto

No. 1833 - Goofy

No. 1834 - Lullaby Land

No. 1835 - Ugly Duckling

No. 1836 - Three Little Kittens

No. 1837 - Water Babies

It is a 6 by 6 inch heavy ceramic tile with a temperature thermometer. The red fluid in the thermometer appears to have dried up, but you can see some red reflected in the glass tube. The thermometer is on what to appears to me an aluminum foil covered paper. T is some minor flaking of the design as can be seen in the photo. T is minor surface dirt that I did not attempt to clean, I will leave that up to you.

T are some light rust spots on the back side from a
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