I am offering an original editorial cartoon by Jeff Koterba political cartoonist for the Omaha World Herald. This cartoon was originally published for the Omaha World Herald.

Jeff Koterba is one of the most successful and celebrated political cartoonists drawing today. His cartoons are nationally syndicated by King Features and have appeared in the nation's largest newspapers. He has been drawing professionally for over 25 years and his cartoons have appeared in books, movies, and even traveled to space. He has appeared in films, been featured in a documentary, published a memoir, performed with his band at South by Southwest, and even acted with Jack Nicholson and Ann Margaret!

I am offering several original Koterba cartoons from his 25+ year distinguished career. Join the ranks of fellow Koterba collectors such as Oprah and Warren Buffett. With holidays always around the corner, these one-of-a-kind originals make terrific gifts and look great framed! Also look for the framed Koterba cartoons I am offering.

As explained on Koterba's web-site, , he draws the cartoon on archival ink on Bristol paper. When the ink drawing is complete, he makes a copy on a separate sheet of paper. Then he paints that copy using old-fashioned watercolors. The painted version appears in the Omaha World Herald and
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