Donkey with two baskets. Heavy & Colorful. Marked on Bottom. ICS. AE 26. Fish Symbol & Italy. Import sticker on bottom from Carbone. Approx. 9 inches long and approx. 8 inches tall at ear. Appears to be in very, very nice condition. Glaze is not perfect but very nice. By ear approx. 4/16's of an inch flea bite. Does not distract from overall appearance. I can see no other imperfections that were not done when made. Lots of details to this donkey and not run of the mill. I do not think it ever had any plants in it. International Buyers shipping will be computed and given to you. No handling charge. I will be listing other ICS items in next weeks or so. If you are looking for a factory made product with no imperfections, please do not bid on this item.

08/29/2007 update - Please note that t is a minor 1/8th inch possible chip in the finish above the mane between the ears. This does not detract from the appearance of the item.